The Positive App

Rewire your brain

The Positive App offers simply and elegantly designed exercises for your mind and mood that will keep you positive and productive throughout the day.

The techniques are scientifically proven to increase your happiness and satisfaction of life. They also act as a strong antidepressant on your mood when you are down, angry or stressed.

Research-based techniques

Exercises are based on the most effective techniques developed by top researchers in Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Retrain your thoughts

The app offers you techniques to transform your stress and worries into a more balanced and positive feeling.

Trends and patterns

Track the trends and patterns of your thoughts and feelings over time.

Why use The Positive App?

A gratitude journal

Set your day in a positive direction.

A micro diary

Quickly jot down what you are thinking and be guided to transform negative thoughts and feelings into a more balanced and objective one.

A transformer

The app helps you focus on the good and important things in your life. With regular use, it can bring positive transformation to your daily routine.

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